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  1. I seriously pity your colleague man.. Hahaha what an experience. My workplace have great toilet rooms and very clean. And like you mentioned, I like to play games there. and on a worst case, once I heard someone fapping from the beside room.. =.=”

  2. Washing but on a basin? Are you kidding me? My company toilet used to very clean and not smell but nowadays, it is too smelly. Want to get out of the toilet as fast as possible.

    I still remember during my internship at KL, yes the toilet is super clean so I always decided to take a nap there. lol!!!!

  3. Lol. Nice doodles dude.

    You know where I work and my office’s toilet is horrible. The people who use it got very poor hygiene or come out from cave. One time I think someone cleaned their ass and left some “nuggets” in the toilet floor.. ugh..

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